Girls Limo Party 

Pink limo parties for kids are the ultimate birthday party theme for girls. Our pink limo pamper parties consist of a 2 hour Makeover or Spa Party followed by a 1 hours cruise in a pink limo. 

A pink may not always be available in your area, however we endeavour to provide you with the best looking car available so that your daughter still has a wonderful limo party experience. 

The limousines have between 8 and 16 seats and vary in price accordingly. We have done hundreds of limo pamper parties and use companies we know and trust to deliver limo party cruises to remember.  

Makeover Limo Pamper Party

  • Face Make-up
  • Hair style (no cutting)
  • Nail Polish With Art 
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Non-Alcoholic Fizz
  • Poze For Photos


  • Decorations
  • GBG Room Decor
  • Music
  • Limo For 1 Hour

Spa Limo Pamper Party


  • Spa Robes (Styles Vary)
  • Face Mask and Cucumbers
  • Individual Foot Spas
  • Foot Massage
  • Polish on Fingers With Art


  • Decorative Coverings
  • Shoulder Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Magazines
  • Limo For 1 Hour

 Superstar Limo Pamper Party

  • Individual Foot Spas 
  • Spa Robes 
  • Hand, Arm, Foot Head & Shoulder Massage
  • Hair Style 
  • Face Make-up
  • Nail + Toe Polish with Art 

  • Red Carpet
  • Helium Balloons 
  • Party Bag For Each Person
  • Gift For Birthday Girl
  • Non Alcoholic Champagne
  • Chocolate Fountain 
  • Limo For 1 Hour

 How Many People Can The Limo's Hold: 

Most of the limo's we use hold a total of 8 people. For a party booking for an 8 Seater Limo we require there to be a total of 7 girls and 1 adult. An adult is required to ensure the girls can be attended to in the car. 

Can we eat in the limo? 

Unfortunately not. Due to the high value of the vehicles, passengers travelling in the limousines that we hire are not permitted to eat. 

Are The Limo Drivers CRB / DBS checked? 

The limo companies we use are license checked before we use them. You can also check this via your local councils website if you wish for us to send you the company details so that you can check. 

Each driver that has a License MUST be CRB / DBS checked alongside obtaining a license to drive a limousine, this is the law, so by checking the License database or proof of license from the company we can ensure that the driver attending your party is CRB / DBS checked.

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