'Teenage Spa Parties'


The Best Teenage Girls Spa Parties in The UK

'Spa parties for teenagers' are the newest and most popular form of ' teenage spa parties' in the UK right now. They are extremely popular in America and Australia and we at Grumpy but Gorgeous first introduced them to the UK party scene in our very own way!

We are aiming to be the best 'spa and pamper party company for girls in London' and the UK and our objective is to provide a truly unique teenage spa party experience that can not be matched by any other company.

We really do go the extra mile simply to impress you and your guests. We always ensure your party room has the wow factor and your friends will be asking where and how you found us!

We care about your birthday party experience and most of all we care what others think about your party. We believe that we should make sure that your spa party is exceptionally presented with all furniture covered to match the theme of your party. 

You and your guests will also get to wear matching spa robes for the duration of the spa party and you will also get to enjoy loads of pamper party treats like massages, manicures and pedicures. 

Our 'teenage spa party' is perfect for girls aged from 13 years plus and is also suitable for those who believe their daughters would prefer to have the teenage style of party rather than the young girls spa party. We understand that Teenager's requirements are more than those of a child and they understand beauty products and treatments almost as well as we do. That's why we offer a more sophisticated mobile spa party service with a wide range of treatments and loads of Nail Designs, Styles and New Trends to choose from.

Simplicity Teen Spa

This simple teen girls spa party is equivalent to taster treatments that you may receive at your local spa or salon. This party has been 

designed for parents who would like their child and her friends to only take a peak into the spa world with extras to suit girls of a younger age. 

We also recommend this party to parents who don't want to pay the earth but want their child to have an enjoyable memorable spa party.

  • Face Mask & Cucumber
  • Express Facial
  • Express Head Massage
  • Express Shoulder Massage
  • Express Manicure
  • Express Pedicure
  • Non Alcoholic Champagne
Spa and pamper parties for teenagers are an exquisite way to celebrate any teens birthday.

Luxury Teen Spa Party

Spa parties are a grown up way of celebrating your birthday party with your friends. The luxury spa party for teenagers is our most popular girls spa party as it comes complete with individual foot spas, matching spa robes and a fun party room decor. You can select the color of the room decor you would like, we offer white, chocolate/leopard print, animal print or pink and purple. We can also provide you with a bespoke spa party theme.

  • Spa Robes (Styles Vary)
  • Face Mask and Cucumbers
  • Individual Foot Spas
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • French Polish on Fingers
  • Twinkle Toes 
  • Decorative Coverings 
  • Face Saunas
  • Mini Facial (Face Massage)
  • Shoulder Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Magazines
Teen spa parties are the brand new, fun way of celebrating a birthday party, especially if you are turning 13.
Platinum Spa For An Extra Special Teen Party

Non Alcoholic Champagne

Pink, white or print Robes

Calming Luxurious Spa Mask

Individual Foot Spas With Calming Salts

Manicure with Massage

Pedicure With Massage

Indian Head Massage

Relaxing Spa Music

Aromatherapy Room Fragrance

Take Home Gift with Thank you Card For Each Girl

Special Gift For the Birthday Girl

teenage girls spa parties for kids and 13th birthday's in London.
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